Digital Courtroom
Digital Courtroom
Crime Scene Forensics, LLC
In today's age of technology juries almost expect to see state of
the art technology employed in both criminal investigations, as
well as criminal and civil trials. Further, the amount of electronic
information available, (such as phone records, credit
records/financial records, e-mails communications, automated
tolls pass transponders, etc...) to support or refute issues that
arise in any investigation, need to be sorted, analyzed, and
legibly displayed, in order for those records to have an impact on
the case.

Modern technology provides us with a variety of different
software applications that can turn mountains of records into
concise, easy to comprehend courtroom exhibits.
Digital imaging technology has raised the bar in displaying evidence in court. Poor quality photos
can be enhanced, scene photos can be arranged and displayed in a easy to follow manner, and
digital animations can be produced to reconstruct the act or incident as it occurred.
1. Phone records can be displayed (figure 1) to
show the frequency in which one person calls
another, during a specific time period.

2. This display can be further defined to narrow
the time period, (figure 2)  thereby highlighting
changes in calling patterns

3. Calls from multiple phone records/accts, can be
placed in chronological order, to display the
calling frequency of multiple callers. (figure 3)
figure 1
figure 2
figure 3
Crime Scene
Sketches can be the most important part of
telling the story. A good diagram of the
scene will make it much easier for juries to
follow the testimony of witnesses. Each item
of evidence, or point of interest can be laid
out in the diagram to give more accurate
understandings of the scene.
Diagrams can be displayed in the center of
an exhibit, surrounded by actually scene
Three dimensional diagrams can be created
where warranted.

The diagram to the right illustrates the hyoid
bone in the neck. A broken hyoid bone in a
decedent, can be a sign of manual
The fascinating world
of forensic
science...made simple
For further information on any of these techniques, or for information
on obtaining courtroom exhibits for your case, click here.