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Forensic Organizations:

American Academy of Forensic Sciences

International Association for Identification

SWGFAST - Scientific Working Group Friction
Ridge Analysis, Study and technology

SWGSTAIN - Scientific Working Group on  
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

FBI Website

Public Agency Training Council

North East Association of Forensic Scientists

American College of Forensic Examiners

American Board of Forensic Psychiatrists

American Board of Forensic Odontologists

American Society of Forensic Odontologists

American Society of Questioned Document  

American Society of Crime Lab Directors

Association of Firearms and Tool Mark  

Society of Professional Investigators
                            Recommended Reading:

Forensic Reference Book:

Forensic Science, An Illustrated Dictionary,
by Forensic Scientist John Brenner

Two great works from world renowned forensic pathologist Dr
Michael Baden

Unnatural Death: Confessions of a Medical Examiner        
Dead Reckoning: The New Science of Catching Killers

Outstanding Crime Fiction Reading!

 Remains Silent and Skeleton Justice
                      by Michael Baden and Linda Kenney


         One Drop of Blood                         Deadly Secrets
         by Tom Holland                              by M. William Phelp
Click here for links to free publications from the National Institute
of Justice:

Identifying Remains Using DNA: A Guide for Families

Forensic Examination of Digital Evidence: A Guide for Law

DNA Evidence: What Law Enforcement Officers Should Know

Using DNA to Solve Cold Cases: Special Report
General Forensic Information:

Zeno's Forensic Page

Explore Forensics

Crime Scene Investigator, EDU
Statistical and Research Information:

Department of Justice Crime Statistics

Forensic Science Technician Blog Top 50
Forensic Science Sites
Educational and Training Links:

Public Agency Training Council

University of New Haven, West Haven, CT

Forensic Composite Art Training

Michael Coker Training

Forensic Science Technician

Murlin Consultants
Forensic Art

Fire Graphics Demonstrative Evidence
DNA Collection Products