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     Crime Scene Forensics, LLC, is a full service, forensic consulting and training company, specializing in Crime Scene  
Reconstruction, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Shooting Incident Reconstruction. Officer Involved Shootings, Forensic and
Investigative Training, and Demonstrative Evidence Preparation. We can assist you with everything from case review,
photography, examination and documentation of evidence, the reconstruction of events, and the preparation of visual aids
for court presentation. We provide written reports detailing our conclusions and opinions, and
provide expert testimony in both criminal and civil proceedings.

     Our mission is to provide quality, objective, and honest analysis of cases submitted to us
for review. We will evaluate your case based upon accepted scientific principles, case facts,
physical evidence, and applicable law.

     We also provide quality training in the fields of General Crime Scene Reconstruction,
Basic Death Scene Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Shooting Reconstruction,
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, and Police Use of Force
      Good forensic "matches", through techniques such as DNA analysis, latent print
"matches" can certainly strengthen a case, but should not be counted on in every case.  
Good forensic crime scene investigation starts with two simple steps:

       1. Making appropriate observations
       2. Properly documenting those observations

      Crime scene interpretations, reconstructions and eventual expert opinions, should
always be left to qualified experts. In any given case, it will be difficult if not impossible, for
a forensic expert to give such an opinion, if the crime scene is not properly documented.

       In the everyday context in which the word
forensics is used, it implies an advanced
degree of training, education, experience, and very expensive equipment. Crime scene
investigation, however, is quite simple, and when the crime scene investigator makes all
the appropriate observations, and then properly documents those observations, the role of
the expert witness becomes much simpler.

       This site offers general information on the most popular fields in forensic sciences.

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